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Information for Schools Attending


With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation and the possibility of changing government regulations in NZ we continue to recommend that schools and supporters consider their bookings and the subsequent cancellation policies and/or insurance of those bookings carefully.

Disruption to or cancellation of these regattas could occur at any time.

Also please ensure you stay at home and do not attend the event if you are sick or feeling unwell, and please ensure attention to personal hygiene remains paramount (wash your hands, cough or sneeze into elbow).

It is recommended that schools bring a supply of face masks, as a precautionary measure, in the event of an alert level change.


We have been advised over the course of the Aon Maadi Cup there may be Karapiro Dam Road closures (it is expected these will be for the duration of the week) for maintenance. Please allow plenty of time for a detour through Leamington. Keep an eye out for notifications on the Rowing NZ App for date closures.


The pre-regatta Safety Briefing and managers’ meeting will be held at 4:00pm on Sunday, 21 March 2021 in the Sir Don Rowlands Centre at the Lake. Attendance at this meeting by the school’s Adult Safety Officer is compulsory for those schools wishing to compete at the regatta. A roll call is taken.Coaches and Managers are also urged to attend the meeting.


The boat park will open 12pm Wednesday 17th March. It will be closed at 7am on Monday, 22nd March and will not be opened until the following Saturday after the last race. Vehicle access during the regatta is not available. Only boat trailers used for storage will be permitted to be left in the boat park but there is ample parking adjacent to the Boat Park for transport vehicles. Boat park access is restricted to officials, coaches and athletes.

To assist with the boat park set up and ensuring space is allocated Karapiro Rowing Inc ask schools to email them with the details of the trailers they are bringing (e.g. number of boats for which schools). Please email those details ASAP to

All trailers must only be parked with the assistance of the following designated KRI personnel – Terry Tidbury 027 4744 196, Garth Bradford 021 947438 and Warren Thomas 021 741621. One of these staff will always be available to assist park your trailer in the correct position.


The Information Office (at the bottom of the finish tower) will be open the following times:

  • Friday 19 March 10am - 4pm
  • Saturday 20 March 8am - 12pm then 2pm - 6pm
  • Sunday 21 March 8am - 12pm then 2pm - 6pm
  • Monday 22–27 March – open 2hrs before first race, closes 1/2hr after last race or as advised


The following training protocols will apply for training supervised by Karapiro Rowing Inc (KRI) during the regatta.

Training Prior to Saturday 20th March 2021

If you arrive at Lake Karapiro prior to Saturday 20th March and would like to train you will need to comply with the Water Safety Code 2016, in particular carry floatation belts on board your rowing skiffs. The Waikato Regional Council Harbour Master has attended previous regattas this season and he has checked the compliance of crews training. He has issued warnings/fines to those who had no safety boats operating – so please ensure you are following the water safety code and the TRAINING FLOW PATTERN which differs from the Regatta flow pattern. Please read the signs at the rear of the Marshals Hut and explain the flow pattern to your crews. KRI will not be providing any boats to facilitate supervised training of your crews.

Training Saturday 20 March & Sunday 21 March

There will be pre-regatta training supervised by Karapiro Rowing on both Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st March – In order to provide safe training for all only 260 crews will be allowed on the lake at any one time(alpha numbers will be allocated during each session). The daily training times will be:

  • 8am to 12pm
  • 2pm until 6pm

Crews will be allowed a maximum of 45 minutes training time after which they must exit the lake and return their number to the Marshals Hut. This will provide the opportunity for a minimum of 1,040 crews to train each session. We need your help to make this work for everyone, please consider staggering your crews to train.

Training numbers will be issued by Marshal Hut staff who will be recording the school, the boat type, Alpha numeric and the coach’s contact cell phone number. Numbers not returned within 15 minutes of the end of the 45 minute training time will result in that school not being able to train for the rest of that particular training session.

All boats used during training will be compliance checked so please ensure your boat is compliant before you come to the on-water pontoons for training. Non-compliant boats will be sent back to the boat park to rectify the issue so other crews waiting to go on the water are not held up by non-compliant boats. A compliance sticker will be fixed to each boat’s bow once the compliance check has been completed and your boat has been passed as compliant.

Training During the Regatta

There will be no training in the mornings before the regatta starts each day as sunrise is 7.25 am and racing will start at 8 am on each day of the regatta.

During the day training is available in the designated warm down area but his is limited to a maximum of 10 crews at any one time. Training numbers are issued by the Marshals Hut staff who will be recording the school, the boat type, Alpha numeric and the coach’s contact cell phone number. Training will be limited to 45 minutes per crew.

After regatta training after racing each day may or may not be available dependent on the time racing finishes, weather and availability of personnel to supervise training. Announcements will be made daily concerning the availability of after racing training.


If your school made a booking at the time of entry they will be balloted a site (please note that this may not necessarily be the one you wanted). You can find the allocated location of your tent site by checking the host’s website or by asking at the Information Office. Tent site allocation lists will be posted on the host’s website approx 1 week prior. Tents can be erected on the bank from Saturday 20th onwards. We are also asking schools to consider bringing a fire extinguisher for each tent, particularly if undertaking cooking/BBQing. Tent sites will be marked up and the school name visible.

At all times, please keep the emergency exits clear.

Servicing of tent sites is restricted and will be managed through two allocated tent access passes. These passes allow you to enter the site via gate 3 and drop supplies to your tent ONLY in the morning and evening. All supply drop offs must be completed and clear of the embankment BEFORE 7.30am or can take place AFTER 6.00pm daily. Outside these times, vehicle access to the embankment will be denied so please consider alternatives to allow for restocking (e.g. trolley).


Please remember to clean and return the trophies; please drop them at the Information Office (below the finish tower) on your arrival.


Buses and Minivans - are to use the Gate 2 access to drop off competitors only and then park in the designated area for team minivans at Gate 1.

Coaches – will receive a coaches pass, these can be picked up at the information office. This pass allows coaches to park free of charge at Gate 1. Please follow the directions of the parking wardens when parking at Gate 1. If you do not already have a coaches pass, please email to organise.

Spectators - are to enter the Venue by Gate 3 and park in the Public car park. There will be a charge to park $7 per car per day – a multi-day pass will be available for sale from Thursday 18 March at the office.

Disability/Elderly Parking – Golf carts will be available at Gate 3 and will take those who require assistance to the spectator area. Please meet at the designated gazebo at the parking entrance or flag down the golf cart at any time.


We encourage schools to consider their rubbish disposal carefully while onsite. The Domain will have bins which are for recycling, food scraps, general waste etc available for use, please ensure you dispose of rubbish in the corresponding bins.

For plastic boat wrap there is a bin available in the boat park near the boat weigh in shed.


Boats will be checked by officials and stickered once compliant. Random checks will also be made as crews go onto and come off the water. Officials will be re-checking and re-issuing stickers after the phases of racing are completed. Please ensure all boats arrive and remain compliant (in particular heel restraints, quick release, bow balls and coxswain bulkheads).


Check weighing of boats will be possible on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st March. Please ensure your boats are on weight, boats will be randomly weighed from Monday onwards at the official’s discretion.


Reminder substitutions need to be made online or at the information office within the correct timeframe to avoid any penalty to your crews. You can only substitute up to 50% of the crew plus coxswain, and you cannot substitute a single.


Coxswain weighing will be located on the ground floor of the Sir Don Rowlands Centre. School rules will apply to coxswain weighing for these regattas. The minimum weight for a coxswain shall be 55kg.

To make up the minimum weight, dead-weight shall be placed in the boat, near the coxswain, in such a manner that it does not impede the coxswain’s exit from the boat. The dead-weight must be of a solid substance and not be attached to the person. The dead-weight shall not include any article of rowing or racing equipment.

Coxswains shall be weighed in racing uniform excluding life jacket on tested scales which indicate the weight of the coxswain to 0.1kg not less than one hour and not more than two hours before their first race on each day of competition. Failure to weigh in within this time will result in a race penalty for the coxswain and their crew for each race the coxswain has that day. The coxswain may still weigh in after this time and then no penalty will be applied for races taking place more than one hour after the coxswain weighs in. Failure to weigh in at all before a race shall result in exclusion from the race of the coxswain and their crew.


Coxswain’s life jackets must:

  • Meet New Zealand Standards (or a recognised overseas/international alternative)
  • Have, intact and legible, the manufacturer's label and certification
  • Be suitable for the coxswain's size and age and/or weight
  • Be in good condition (no rips, tears or holes, sewing and fabric intact)
  • Be worn outside all clothing

New Zealand Safety Standards approved life jacket that is not an inflatable life jacket is 5823 (the most recent version is 5823:2005). For the purposes of the NZSSRA Rules life jacket means a buoyancy aid and includes types 401, 402, 403, 405, and 406 and those overseas/international which are also officially recognised. If a life jacket doesn't meet the New Zealand standards then it is not acceptable for competition OR training. Please note many display a measure of buoyancy in Newtons e.g. 53N. This is not to be confused with the coxswain's weight e.g. type 405 buoyancy garment 53N rating is appropriate for people 40kg and heavier (including adults).


When crews are entered for any regatta at Lake Karapiro, information is supplied to Karapiro Rowing Inc. on pre-existing medical conditions of competing athletes. The accuracy of this information is incredibly important as the information is passed confidentially to our contracted event medics. Please ensure the correct pre-existing medical information is passed to your coach or the person responsible for making crew entries for Lake Karapiro regattas. Karapiro Rowing has made some changes to the way medical substitutions are managed. The on-site first aid team now issues Medical Stand Down Certificates and Medical Watch Notices.

If the on-site first aid team assesses a competitor as too ill or injured to compete in their next race then the medics will issue a Medical Stand Down Certificate. Regatta Control will be advised when this happens. A competitor who has been put on Medial Watch Notice is not allowed on the water until they have received a final assessment from the on-site first aid team.

A competitor who has been medically substituted out of crews can be reinstated. But only if the Chief Umpire is satisfied on the basis of medical evidence the crew member has been restored to health. The Board of Karapiro Rowing has decided it is not appropriate for the on-site first aid team to provide medical evidence for clearances. A medical certificate is not issued lightly and needs to be taken seriously therefore if a competitor was so ill or injured that they warranted a medical substitution then they need to be independently assessed for reinstatement.


Karapiro Rowing have implemented one or two improvements to the Start Area throughout this Season. We have introduced a ‘Warm-up’ area at the beginning on the buoyed area, approximately 500m out from the Start, there will be a new large green buoy which indicates the new ‘Warm-up’ area.

We expect all crews to complete their first rotation by rounding the large green buoy at the end of the triangle adjacent to the ‘Marshalling Area’. If crews wish to complete another rotation, they must travel north along the western side of the buoy line and turn at the previously mentioned new large green buoy.


Please be aware even in this time of Covid-19, Measles is still a health and safety concern and we encourage everyone to remain vigilant for symptoms and follow the recommended guidelines. Measles is highly infectious and starts with a fever, cough, runny nose and/or sore eyes followed a few days later by a rash. People are infectious from 5 days before to 5 days after the rash appears. If you or a student develop symptoms of measles please isolate them and call Healthline on 0800 611 116 for advice as soon as possible.


Physiotherapy Services are available in the first aid room for physiotherapy treatment and strapping. Emergency Contact Details: Kara Thomas (Physiotherapist) 027 2263 702. ACC Treatment - No Charge. There will be a small charge for strapping. Strapping Tape, Heat packs, ice packs available to purchase.


This year the 2021 Aon Maadi Cup programme is online and available through the Rowing NZ App. Also, to stay up to date with the regatta messages - should we have an unfortunate delay due to adverse weather the Regatta team will be letting you know about racing plans through notifications on the Rowing NZ App.


Each year Rowing NZ welcome media to the Aon Maadi Cup. We are very proud to share the success of school rowers, and welcome any suggestions from schools about athletes, crews or coaches that may be of interest to media. This may include strong athlete performances, overcoming adversity, family links, interesting donations of equipment, or a late transition to the sport of rowing. Please contact with any ideas.


Please note that parents, supporters, and the public are strictly prohibited from multiple areas of the regatta including the Boat Park and Start Area (pontoons). Accredited Media may be provided access to the Start Area. Please inform parents/supporters that Karapiro Rowing have prohibited the use of long lens cameras in or near the Boat Park this season for safety and security reasons. No drones are permitted at this regatta with exception of regatta management according to conditions agreed to with Rowing NZ.

Under regatta conditions, Schools have agreed to having photographs, videos and/or other images taken of their students, supporters, volunteers, coaches during the regatta and these may be used for media and promotion purposes in connection with this event or future events by Rowing NZ and their sponsors.


An Opening Parade will take place on Sunday 21st March at 12:45pm in Cambridge. Participants are to meet at Cambridge Primary School on Duke and Wilson Streets at 12:30pm. The parade will then proceed up Victoria Street and will conclude with short speeches at the Victoria Square (large grass area in town square). The prize for the best school banner will be announced. Please NO animals are to be involved in the parade due to traffic safety reasons.


There are several competitions for schools, for more info check out


After complaints were received and the concerns of the School Committee around young people and alcohol, NZSSRA and Rowing NZ do not endorse any form of “party” at the Aon Maadi Cup. Should another organisation or school be holding a party then this function is their full responsibility and under the trademark established around the Maadi Cup any event is prevented from being referred to as a “Maadi Party”.


Reminder to all schools the 2021 Aon Maadi Cup is Smoke, Alcohol and Drug Free for all competitors. Also the Waipa District Council does not permit any school/parent functions in school tents on the embankment area to have any alcohol.

WEBCAST AND SKY SPORT – catch the action at home

Friday and Saturday finals will be screened live at Rowing NZ will also publish SKY Sport’s Highlights package at and across social media channels at the conclusion of the event.

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