School Information

Important Boat Park Information for Schools

North Island Schools and Clubs will have experienced that KRI has been considering different boat park layouts in the 2022/23 Season. There have been some changes from Seasons gone by and we acknowledge that change is not always easy. As expected, we have received mixed feedback from North Island Schools and Clubs. In a nutshell, boat park layout changes that have been made for larger regattas (e.g. NIRC) this Season include:

● All trailers out of the lower campground area and replaced by boat racks. The thinking behind this is that it is the most efficient use of space for boats and gets as many boats as possible as close to the water as possible. At NIRC we found that this ensured we had ample racks for all boats that came to the regatta.

● Trailer spaces continue to be allocated in Judd Lane, the Sir Don Rowlands Carpark and now the Upper Campground.

We have been trialling these changes to ensure we can accommodate the future growth of rowing over the coming years.

Feedback we’ve received

As mentioned above we received mixed feedback on these changes. Feedback included:

● Positive: Some Clubs and Schools (particularly those who previously were in Judd Lane and struggled to get racks in the lower campground) were pleased about more racks being available in the lower campground; Clubs and Schools who usually arrive later were also pleased because there were more racks available; Some Clubs and Schools have liked the upper campground spots due to the big trees there.

● Negative: Some Clubs and Schools said that no trailer spaces in the lower campground had a negative impact on the social vibe / feel of the boat park. They also said that having a trailer further away from the racks means that your “base” (where you keep tools etc.) is also further away, which is a pain. We have also heard that we don't have enough oar racks - something we will be looking into for next Season.

Another piece of feedback we continually receive (regardless of what format is used) is that Waikato RC Schools appear to receive special treatment because they are able to arrive early and secure their favoured position.

All feedback is valid and we have considered all in coming up with an approach for NISSC and Maadi.

General approach for NISSC and Maadi

We are planning to continue with the same approach we have used this Season for NIRC. As mentioned above this ensures we get as many racks as possible as close to the pontoons as possible. To do this we need to replace trailers in the lower campground with boat racks. In our view this ensures the fairest outcome for the most athletes (and responds to feedback received over a number of Seasons, particularly from those whose trailers have been in Judd Lane).

As part of this approach, we will be asking Waikato RC Schools to drop all their boats off before the regatta and taking their trailers offsite (so that their trailers do not need to be accommodated). Some Waikato RC Schools already do this. Waikato RC Schools will be allocated racking near the Sir Don Rowlands Centre as part of this. Waikato RC Schools may set up tents in that area but will be required to share this tenting space.

As you will see in the table below, we have also modified our plan to respond to recent feedback.

Boat park layout detail

Maps for NISSC are provided below for reference. The Maadi set up will be similar (noting we will need to accommodate more trailers).