The NZSSRA 2017 AGM will take place on Sunday 26 th March after the safety briefing of the Aon Maadi Cup, in Cambridge. As per the 4-yearly cycle this AGM is a Rule-change year. Remits about the Rules and Regulations will accepted and may go forward to the AGM after review by the Schools Committee.

Remits – All remits for the AGM are due by 19 th February 2017

Nominations - The nominations for the following positions are called for and due on the accompanying dates.

  • Schools Committee Appointed Member – 12 th February 2017
  • Schools Committee Elected Member – 19 th February 2017
  • NZSSRA Life Members – 15 th January 2017

Applications to host- 2019 Championships and any fee change proposals for 2018 – 19 th February 2017.

Please make these remits, nominations and applications in writing to